Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

At the Dental Care Centre, our objective is to provide our patients with a tooth whitening system that looks after future needs while helping you to get your teeth looking as great as they can. That’s why offer the professional teeth whitener, Opalescence®.

Opalescence® Tooth Whitening Systems

Opalescence® is the best whitening system on the market, available exclusively through dental professionals. With it’s varying strengths of formulations we are able to provide the product that is right for you.

Our Teeth Whitening Procedure

Our teeth whitening procedure involves taking an accurate shade of the present color of your teeth for future comparisons. Impressions are then taken, and once poured this provides us with a replica of your teeth made of stone from which we fabricate the whitening trays. With most patients we start the whitening with the top arch (teeth) and then proceed to the lower arch. Not only does this help the patient become settled with the procedure but allows you to see the difference of before and after. At the first appointment we take the shade and the impressions. The second is where we deliver the whitening trays to you, usually within a couple of days. Over the next few weeks we like patients to come in for one or two visits so that we can monitor the whitening and provide additional syringes. The whitening trays can be worn in the evening for two to three hours. It does not need to be worn longer than three hours.

Teeth Whitening Pricing, Customization & Maintenance

What is unique about our teeth whitening system is our service. Teeth whitening is accomplished within two to three weeks after starting the program. However, whitening maintenance is a long-term process. It is recommended that whitening trays be worn every six months for two to three hours. At our office we charge $300.00+GST for the top and $300.00+GST for the bottom whitening. This investment includes future trays that may be needed as a result of loss or damage to the original trays. Two boosting syringes will be provided as a courtesy to our patients each year when you come in for regular checkups and cleanings as long as you remain an active patient of this office. Otherwise whitening syringes can be purchased for $20.00 per syringe. When fillings are replaced or teeth are removed we recommend making new trays that fit properly.

Instructions for Teeth Whitening System

Inserting Tray...

  1. Brush and Floss.
  2. Put gel in tray. Do NOT over fill the tray. If a lot squishes out use less next time.
  3. Place in mouth.
  4. Wipe off excess gel with a tissue.
  5. Do not eat or drink while the trays are in.

Times ...

Wear tray for 2-3 hours each treatment.

Removing Tray ...

  1. When removing the tray squeeze the two front teeth and pull down. Avoid pulling on the rims on the sides – this may stretch the tray, causing gel to leak out the next time you wear it.
  2. Have your tooth brush ready so that you may brush the excess gel off your teeth (it will not rinse off due to the thickness). The tissue may be tender while brushing.
  3. If you have Silver Amalgam fillings this whitening gel may clean them leaving a pinkish/purplish substance in your tray when you remove it.
  4. Brush out the inside of your tray gently (squeezing both sides while brushing). Always use cold water to rinse out the tray – never use hot or warm water (it will distort the tray).
  5. Place tray face down on a towel so that it will dry for the next use.

General Information ...

  1. The teeth may look “blotchy” for the first week; this is normal and will even out.
  2. Some cold sensitivity is normal. This is only temporary and the teeth will return to normal within a few days after you are finished your whitening. However, if you are having severe sensitivity discontinue use and call the office.
  3. We need to check your teeth when you are done your whitening syringes so that we can determine whether the teeth are as white as possible or if you need to continue treatment.
  4. Avoid drinking citrus drinks such as orange or tomato juice and any type of soda pop.

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