Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions

With 23 years of experience Dr. McMurdo is adept at removing teeth. In the unfortunate situation where you need an adult tooth removed Dr. McMurdo is someone you can have confidence to provide caring, competent treatment.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Partially Erupted Wisdom Teeth

When wisdom teeth are partially erupted, the teeth are often extracted to avoid future complications with your dental health. Dr McMurdo has the skill and knowledge to provide this procedure in a caring and competent manner, making the Dental Care Centre is the perfect place to have a problem tooth removed.

In some instances your wisdom teeth may be positioned in such a way that it is best to have them removed by an Oral Surgeon. Dr McMurdo evaluates every case and refers those patients who should have wisdom teeth removed using General Anaesthetic.

Reasons to extract partially erupted wisdom teeth...

One of the main reasons why partially erupted wisdom teeth are extracted is because they are very difficult to clean properly. This causes the area to become prone to tooth decay.

Reasons to extract a horizontally impacted wisdom teeth...

A horizontally impacted wisdom tooth pushes against the root of the adjacent tooth. This causes problems often leading to greater concerns. To avoid these problems, the tooth is often removed.

Procedure for wisdom tooth extraction...

The extraction procedure involves opening the top of the gum, and carefully removing each wisdom tooth. After extraction, the gums may require stitches.

Recovery period following the extraction of wisdom teeth...

These stitches will dissolve over time, and your gums will become smooth. Following our instructions on proper care ensures you are comfortable during the short recovery period.

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